Just Play a Game is Dead, Long Live Us

Basically, I got a new job where I have a non-compete clause that prohibits me from owning a software-related company. This doesn’t mean I can’t make games, I just can’t do it for money. Stan and I, while having a lot of fondness for Just Play a Game, are really excited to start something new. The name Just Play a Game was chosen years ago because its initials are the same as Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group, where we met. While Stan and I are still great friends with many JPAGers, we really feel that our works are becoming more of a Stan and Marie thing, than a JPAG thing and we want our name to better reflect us. We’re already cooking up a new, unincorporated studio to release our games under, and of course we’re already working on our next project.

I couldn’t have hoped for someone better or more dedicated to make games with. Neon Sphee, the game we just finished, we did more for practice of the development cycle, but it’s a fun little piece and Stan’s art and Jesse’s music are fantastic and you should check it out!

Our next game, we’re already head over heels in love with.

We promise to leave a forwarding address!

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