Neon Sphee, Out NOW for PC!


Today we’re pleased to announce the free PC release of Neon Sphee. You can visit the Download Page now to grab your copy!

Neon Sphee is a fun little romp of a game in the style of classic Mega-Manesque side scrolling shooters. It only takes about 20 – 25 minutes to play the game to competition. We started development on the game just before the holidays 2012. Minus the holiday interruptions, the game took less than 3 months to develop. Its short play time, and short development cycle are the primary reasons we’re comfortable with giving the game away for free. In reality, Neon Sphee was ever only meant to be a short practice game for us. Something to cleanse our palettes from the long process that was Spy Babies. So enjoy!

And I know, we did before talk about having a XBox Live Indie Games version of the game as well. To be honest, with the small scope of the project, as well as Marie’s other commitments, getting the XBLIG version up and running was just going to be more trouble than it’s worth. Sorry XBox gamers! But your laptop or desktop PC should be able to handle the game.

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