An Update Regarding the Future of Just Play a Game

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to really put this, but Neon Sphee will be the last game published under the Just Play a Game Studios banner. This isn’t the end though! Allow me to elaborate.

Professional circumstances beyond our control is going to require dissolving the studio. So in terms of being a professional studio, that will be coming to an end, for now. Marie and I still fully intend to continue collaborating together, be it on comics, podcasts, or other forms of entertainment. We’ll even probably still toss around game ideas together, as we really enjoy doing that. I’ll continue working on making games, in whatever limited regards I can. And if the stars ever align again perhaps Marie and I will reform as a game studio.

There’ll be time to reflect on this later though, right now we have Neon Sphee to finish, like I said last week, the game is very close to completion. Another good push on level design and we should be ready to wrap this thing up. Fingers crossed!

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