The Neon Sphee Update 2013 Has Been Waiting For

Or not.

Hello everyone! Very sorry about the silence over the holiday season. Marie and I got swept up in all the festivities of the season, along with other commitments. Fear not though, work on Neon Sphee has continued.

With all the holiday business we’ve obviously pushed the release of the game back, from its original “Holiday 2012” window to a more generic “Winter 2013” window. All the planned features are working in the game, and its virtually bug free, the main wait now is for us to churn out enough levels for the game. We’re hoping that process can be finished very soon.

We’re also focusing on the XBox Live Indie version of the game first. The PC version works well, we’re just really excited to have a game get published on XBLIG. I’ll have another update for you soon. Definitely don’t plan on another almost two months of silence.

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