Sphee in Motion

As the art side of Just Play a Game Studios, one of the big things I wanted to do with Neon Sphee was take the opportunity to work on the level of detail in the animation sprites. For those few who played or saw any art from Spy Babies: Episode 1, you probably noticed that the animation was choppy. That’s because most animations were around four frames long, which really doesn’t allow you much space to capture movement details. For example, this was Ivan’s, the game’s protagonist, walking animation:

As you can see, not very smooth. So I was very cognizant about trying to make Sphee’s animations smoother. So today I want to show off Sphee’s walking and jumping animations:

I’m pretty proud of the little guy’s jumping animation. Overall I’m much happier with the quality of sprites for Neon Sphee than I was with SBE1. I’ll have even more to show off as we get closer to Neon Sphee being completed, but until then I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak at how the little guy’s going to look in game!

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