Announcing Neon Sphee

It’s been one week since launching Spy Babies Episode 1. So obviously its time to jump into our next project! And no, its not Spy Babies Episode 2 (the reason for which I explain here). We’re excited to announce Neon Sphee, our next game! Neon Sphee is a side scrolling shooter with light platforming about a robot named Sphee as he defends his home from hordes of invading aliens.

In a way, Neon Sphee is everything Spy Babies isn’t. Its focused primarily on action and fast gameplay. It has a simple, tight premise which allows us to highlight shooting mechanics while being able to deliver its narrative organically through the aesthetic and tone of the game. Oh, and its also going to be a lot faster process. Right now we’re aiming for a mid-December (say around the 15th) 2012 release for the XBox Live Indie Games version of of the game. We’re also hoping to have a free version that’s playable from your web browser our by the end of 2012. That’s right, we’re planning on having Neon Sphee ready to go on both platforms in the next two months.

Neon Sphee has a game page hosted right here on our main site. You can check it out for more info about the game as well as screenshots and other media. Well, there’s only a scant few details there now, but in the coming weeks we’ll be updating it quite a bit!

Smaller, more bite sized gaming experiences with tighter, 1 – 4 month development cycles. That’s a trend we want to continue for the near future, possibly most of 2013. The two years on Spy Babies was great, but as a tiny, fledgling game studio that’s still as focused on learning the craft as we are churning out commercial products, we’re thinking that smaller games that focus on one or two core mechanics will be a good learning experience for us. But they still have to be entertaining of course! And we think Neon Sphee is. We can’t wait to start showing more of it off!

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