Reflections on Spy Babies

So here we are. We’ve been working on this game for two years. In some ways, it’s not everything we wanted. Because Rob and I were learning to code as we made the game, the coding is not optimal, and at times downright sloppy (due to me, not Rob). A few months ago, as we neared ‘completion’ of the game, and realized all sorts of things were not working on the Xbox, we had a choice: we could re-code the entire game, spending another 6 months or year to do so, or we could release it for PC now, and look at an Xbox release at some later time, when we come back to make Episode 2. We love Spy Babies with all our collective heart, but we really want to work on more games!

We then spent much longer polishing and fixing the game, and occasionally living our lives, until we realized something else: we could also do this forever. This was our first game, intended as a learning experience, blown into a very giant project for inexperienced game creators. It was time to stop rewriting the novel and kick it out the door.

So now, we leave our baby on your doorstep. It may not be everything we dreamed (and what ever is?), but well, it’s ours, and we’re pretty damn proud of it. We made a game! We are Just Play a Game Studios.

But the best part of it all is that this is just the beginning for us.

Cheers and Champagne,

Vic Sage
Marie Barnes

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